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Research and Sales have nearly doubled in March for Purple Shampoo. You still don’t know? Let us share the figure on Amazon as below:

Based on our experience of Servicing over 100+ Chain Salon in 13 years, we would like to share the 3 Essentials of choosing the right China supplier for U.S. Salon Grade Haircare Products.

While there are 90,000 listings for regular Shampoo, for Purple shampoo is only 3.3% of 3,000. But research volume for Purple Shampoo is 50% to regular Shampoo. You can note that the competition for this item is not peak yet.

In March 2019, research and sales volume is rising nearly 100% than February.


The above map is for natural Blonde hair percentage in the world. It is average 30%-40% of people are blonde in North U.S. and Western Euro. If you calculate in the salon blonde, the percentage could be much higher.

Purple shampoo + conditioner is a significant shining effect to blonde, no matter natural or Salon blonde. And more and more people begin to know it, try it and love it.


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