maxCare hair dye lessons -2019 fashion Gradient hair color

This Article is to show how to make a perfect 2019 fashion Gradient hair color efficiently step by step.

Part A: Preparation before hair dye.

1. Divided the lady’s hair from Middle line and define the front and back part for the lady’s hair

2. Define a U area on the top (a key point in this tech)

P.S.: different from the U area of a hair cut, which is usually wider than what we need here. The U shape we need here is about 8cm on the width.

3. Begin to make hair layers

3.1-Define the back triangle area

3.2-Evenly into 2 half

3.3-Divide the rest layer in parallel, each with around 2cm thick (same steps for the other side)

Part B: Blowing hair selection and Bleach.

1. Prepare the material (formula).

2. Blowing for hair selection.

3. Bleach.

4. Finish the rest hair layer with the same technique. Blowing key: Vertical to the hair, cold wind, and with blow mouth for concentrating the blowing wind.

5. Bleaching key: make evenly of the material onto the hair, and make sure the hair is fulfilled with the bleaching material.

6. Tin foil using keys A: make a cross on the tin foil before connecting with hair, so the hair will be stick and no moving for brushing the bleaching material on.

7. Tin foil using keys B: Thinner tin foil holds better hair, and easy to fold in good shape for ensuring bleaching effect. Leave 3-5 cm for bottom and top before folding

8. Small corner lock for preventing blowing loss of the Tin Foil.

8. Wait around 1 hour and to observe the hair color to meet demand 8.5°-9°. If not, change the bleaching material as below way, and then keep close monitoring to the color.

Part B: Color Dye.

1. Root color formula.

2. Brush color dye material from the root to cross the interface line to bleach

3. After all root brush, wait 5-10 mins and observe the coloring status for interface part.

4. The formula for middle part and hair tip.

5. When interfacing part colored, go on with the middle part of hair dye, and make sure the hair is covered by the dye material

6. After finishing the middle part, go on with the hair tip part dye immediately.

7. Observe the coloring effect.

8. Add water only, and clean the scalp with emulsification reaction (since the hair dye material is Alkaline), this process will remove the residue in the process and keep scalp and hair in healthy.

9. Clean around half of the dye material and add shampoo for final cleaning. (do not remove all dye material then use shampoo, to prevent shampoo wash out too many colors just fix into hair).

10. Well done.


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